Wellsfield West Wittering

The site was previously occupied by chalet bungalow, which had a simple clay tiled roof with a ridge that ran from the front of the house to the back.

The owners of the house wanted a new and contemporary house to replace the existing house. It was found that the roof form of the old house worked particularly well on the site, which is quite narrow, and which has neighbouring houses on both sides.

This form was recreated in the new house, which has a slate roof which gives the house a very crisp appearance.

The materials were selected to give the house a simple and contemporary appearance, to be appropriate to the seaside location and to be very low maintenance.

The windows are propose made polyester powder coated aluminium windows which have been designed to maximise on the views. The windows at the back of the house consist of full height sliding doors, with balcony railings to the first floor rooms.

The interior of the house has light and spacious atmosphere. Every opportunity was taken to introduce glazing, some of which is acid etched to avoid overlooking the neighbours.

The kitchen has a strip of roof glazing the runs the full length of the room, and which is continued as windows in the walls at each end.

The interior fittings are extremely high quality, and work beautifully inside the simple open spaces.

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