Cherrymead West Wittering

Originally, two houses stood on this site, which sits on the north side of Elms Lane: Cherrymead to the west, and Jacquerie to the east. Both houses were built in the 1960s, and Jacquerie was in need of major renovation. At first, the brief was to link the 2 houses, but after lengthy negotiations with the planners, it was decided to knock down Jacquerie and extend and renovate Cherrymead, recovering the roof with cedar shingles, cladding the walls in timber weatherboarding, and replacing the windows with timber sliding sash windows. The resulting house is very spacious and light. The owners wanted Cherrymead to be a place with a welcoming atmosphere that reflected its coastal location, and that would be enjoyed by all their family. They tell us that they are all delighted with their new home.

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