Felpham Methodist Church

The church was built around 1910, and originally served as a church and small village hall. A new hall and parish rooms were added over the years.

Our brief was to provide a new entrance lobby to replace the existing small brick structure, with a clear view of the altar from outside the church. Access to the church also had to be improved.

It was decided that the new entry points should be marked by vertical solid elements. This ruled out a central entrance as it was essential that the central axis of the building was kept clear to provide a view, and to leave visible the stained glass window in the gable wall.

This led to the provision of two entrance points at the two front corners in the form of two brick towers. These towers were designed to reflect the quality of the original building, and are strengthened visually by the use of canted brickwork to provide emphasis, and rendered plinths and quoins around the entrance archways. The main lobby area was designed as a visually neutral zone, with simple glazed walls and stone panels, and a flat lead covered roof.

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