The Old Barn East Hartling

The Old Barn was converted into a house in the 1930s. The main barn is 2 storey, with an open fronted single storey barn on the north east side, forming a courtyard to the north.

The owners found the space too small for them, so two extensions were built: one at the west end of the barn to accommodate the new living room with a bathroom above; and the other on the east end to create a gallery breakfast area, with a studio at the lower level.

The single storey barn to the north of the main barn was converted as part of the project, to form a bedroom, a bathroom and an office.

The Old Barn is built on an area of 'clunch', which is widely used locally as building stone. The stone from the excavations for the new foundations was sawn on site and used for the construction of some of the new walls.

The new roof structure at the east end of the barn was designed to reflect the qualities of the existing roof over the main barn: oak purlins span onto oak posts with gallows brackets over the new gallery staircase.

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